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Fire Stopping Shop

As part of its ongoing commitment to its customers FPD have launched the Fire Stopping Shop providing an extensive range of fire protection products including fire stopping, fire extinguishers and flame retardants. All products have been fully tested to achieve the highest standards of performance


FabStop Fire Resistant Gap Sealants

FabStop is a range of sealants for providing up to 4 hours fire protection for gaps and movement joints that are needed to maintain fire compartmentation.


FabStop FB Fire Batts

FabStop FB Batt Systems have been developed to create a barrier preventing the passage of fire & smoke between fire rated compartments providing upto 4 hours rating.


FabStop FC Fire Mortar

FabStop FC Fire Mortar is a unique one part synthetic mortar which when mixed with water produces a trowelable or pourable compound.


FabStop Linear Gap Seal

FabStop LGS Linear Gap Seal is elastomeric acoustic foam laminated with intumescent compound on both sides. It is designd to perform as a 2 or 4 hour barrier in construction movement joints.


Additional Fire Stopping Product Range

FPD are able to offer a wide range of additional fire stopping products within its FabStop range.



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Fire Protection Developments
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