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FabStop FC Fire Mortar

FabStop FC Fire Mortar is a unique one part synthetic mortar which when mixed with water produces a trowelable or pourable compound.


FabStop FC Fire Mortar is a unique one part synthetic mortar which when mixed with water produces a trowelable or pourable compound suitable for the sealing of openings in walls and floors to prevent the passage of fire and smoke and maintain compartmentation.
The seal is strong, non combustible, can be made load bearing and has fire resistance to BS 476 part 4 and 20 for 4 hours at 100mm thickness, 2 hours at 75mm thickness and 1 hour at 50mm thickness.

The advantages of Fabstop FC Fire Mortar are as follows:

  • Can be reactivated to extend the working time.
  • Free of halogens, asbestos, fibres and silica and is non toxic.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Not effected by fungus, vermin, rodent and is environmentally friendly.
  • Long life and ease of use with minimum waste.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • High durability.



Description Off white free flowing powder
1100-1111 kg/m?
Fire Barrier 4 hours at 100mm thickness

2 hours at 75mm thickness

1 hour at 50mm thickness
100mm Thick - 240 minutes on seal face, 90 minutes on services

75mm Thick - 120 minutes on seal face, 75 minutes on services

50mm Thick - 60 minutes on seal face, 23 minutes on services
Non Combustibility
In accordance with BS 476 part 4
Maximum opening span
3 metres
Load bearing specification
1.5, 2.5 and 5 kN/m?
Mean Flexural Strength 2.12 N/mm
Compressive Strength
5.0 N/mm?
Sound Reduction
46 dB reduction at 100mm thick


FabStop FC Fire Mortar is available in 25kg sacks. Add powder to clean tap water to the required consistency and coverage. FabStop FC Fire Mortar is to be installed in accordance with installation requirements. Installation details and technical support are available from FPCL technical department or on the Internet at

  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin
  • Clean all surface areas free from dust
  • Fit damming board/shuttering to bottom of opening
  • Pour FabStop FC Fire Mortar to the required thickness

By Volume

1 Hour Seal
50mm Thick

2 Hour Seal
75mm Thick
4 Hour Seal
100mm Thick
Pourable Grade
3:2 (approx) 48Kg dry mortar
per m?
71Kg dry mortar
per m?
95Kg dry mortar
per m?
Trowelable Grade
2:1 (approx)
51Kg dry mortar
per m?
75Kg dry mortar
per m?
100Kg dry mortar
per m?


FabStop FC Mortar is manufactured in the EU, meeting the highest quality standard compliance with ISO EN 9001. For fire test information please contact Fire Protection Coatings technical department.


Storage and Disposal

FabStop FC Fire Mortar should ideally be stored between +5?C and +25?C indoors, above ground level in dry well ventilated conditions. Shelf life of FabStop FC Fire Mortar is 6 months from date of manufacture.

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